Technical Consultancy

Touchstone is able to deliver a full range of business, technology and project related services through its experienced team of consultants.

As well as supplying relationship managers and consultants who understand your business needs, Touchstone also has a team of dedicated Technical Consultants who are able to provide technical input at any stage of your product life-cycle or project.

Touchstone’s technical consultants are available for ad-hoc support requirements or technical assistance during projects. Their expertise is often required in areas such as interfacing with 3rd party products or new product design.

Our technical consultants can be involved at all stages of a client project and as such, build up a rounded understanding of your business needs. This ensures that they only provide technical advice that is relevant to your specific business.

We provide all of our clients with a Lead Technical Consultant who has a direct relationship with clients in respect of technical design and development of the product and peripheral technical requirements.

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