Support & Maintenance

Touchstone is able to deliver a full range of business, technology and project related services through its experienced team of consultants.

As part of Touchstone’s commitment to all clients, support and maintenance is considered to be an essential part of our service offering.

We have a dedicated support team that deals with all support calls as quickly as possible based on a priority rating, which you provide.  An automated support request tracking system ensures that your call will be dealt with in a defined time-frame and will be resolved quickly.

The support department also maintains Touchstone’s user manuals which can be obtained at any time through an FTP site, or via the support department by electronic copy.

In addition to this, NavOne comes with upgrades to the core solution, and the business specific functionality at no extra cost, providing you with a product which is great value for money as well as being continually in line with the release and upgrade policy.

Touchstone continues to invest significant resources into the ongoing development of its NavOne and Dynamics CRM products each year to ensure that as business practices change and as new technologies become available, Touchstone maintains its position as market leader.

Our clients’ investment is assured not only by the technology that is available today, but also by the enormous research and development already committed to by Microsoft, which invests USD1billion per annum towards its business solutions suite and enhancements for future releases. Touchstone is committed to evolving NavOne and maintains a product roadmap aligned with Microsoft’s planned evolution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, allowing us to maximise the benefits of the innovation and developments made available to us, and delivered through Touchstone’s partnership with Microsoft

Application upgrades by Microsoft of the core Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central business software are typically incorporated into Touchstone’s product releases within 12 months of the Microsoft release.

Many software companies charge for software upgrades but with customers upgrading software approximately once a year, Touchstone’s upgrades model represents a significant saving over the lifespan of the system, when compared to vendors who charge for software upgrades.

In addition, the process to upgrade is relatively quick and simple in comparison to many other systems. This saves our clients both time and money over more complicated systems.  Many of our customers manage the simple upgrade process themselves or, if preferred, Touchstone can manage this process for them.

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