Data Migration

Touchstone is able to deliver a full range of business, technology and project related services through its experienced team of consultants.

Touchstone’s Microsoft Certified technical consultants use thoroughly tested methodologies to ensure that data migration from your legacy systems can be fulfilled in an organised and well-managed process.

Experience of multiple data migration projects from a wide variety of legacy systems has led our highly experienced technical team to build a well-tested set of routines and scripts which enable them to provide this service with skill, efficiency and confidence.

Prior to any migration taking place, our business consultants are able to analyse your data and existing functional requirements to ensure that any product development takes place before go-live, providing your business with all its software needs from day one.

Following a scoping workshop, Touchstone creates a working document which sets out the scope of the data migration. If required, this can include data cleansing processes prior to migration taking place.

We will undertake multiple test data migrations prior to go-live to ensure that the day itself goes smoothly and results in a 100% data migration success rate.

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