Even the Regulators Stopped in their Tracks… But What Next?

It is almost impossible to talk about anything else. The virus continues to wreak havoc across the globe.  There doesn’t seem to […]

How much is your time recording and billing system really costing your business?

A focus on time recording & billing systems can significantly boost productivity and provide much-needed protection for your bottom line.

Solving Economic Substance at Scale with Technology

Compliance with Economic Substance laws for the first time in 2020 will add significant pressure on operational efficiency for many […]

“Every Little Helps”: A focus on small digital workflows can result in large gains.

In the current environment, a focus on smaller workflows can provide significant buffers against operational inefficiencies for organisations with either […]

How Covid-19 threw Economic Substance rules out of the window

We are in a new era. Covid-19 pandemic has instigated the biggest social changes seen in a few generations, but […]

The Push & Pull of Self-Service

The Push & Pull of Self-Service Indulge me in a walk down memory lane… back to 80s and 90s when […]

Can Regulation be Good for Business?

Can regulation be good for business? Our Compliance Product Manager, Nina Mileksic, looks at Economic Substance in Guernsey and the […]

Data Management: Errors of Omission and the ‘Green Automatic’ Effect

Our Product Marketing Manager, Andrew Lowerson, discusses the data management process within our organisation. With a background in the automotive […]

When Changing Regulatory Landscape Starts Eating into Your Budget

“Increased regulatory scrutiny puts more demands on the compliance teams. From acting as an internal advisor on compliance matters, to regulatory liaison… frequent and lengthy engagement with regulators all significantly increase their workload.”

Microgen and Touchstone Merger

Robert Browning and Peter Le Brocq, the respective leaders of Microgen and Touchstone, comment on the recently announced merger of […]

Payments: The Risks and the Rewards

Since the dawn of technology in financial services, the industry has talked about “straight through processing” (STP) for cash and […]

A Question of Substance

Most EU jurisdictions have already acted in response to the EU Code of Conduct Group (Business Taxation) approved by the EU in June 2018, but those on the ‘grey’ list seeking to avoid black listing need to consider signing up to potentially harmful multi-lateral conventions, which underline the importance of robust systems to ensure compliance.

Customer Interview: GFin Corporate Services

Tej Gujadhur, CEO of GFin Corporate Services Limited in Mauritius, talks to us about his experiences of NavOne. Tej, what […]

Yet more Anti-Money Laundering Regulation is on its way! Are you compliant?

The EU continues to strengthen its measures to strictly safeguard against high risk financial flows, including those arising from virtual […]

Privacy versus transparency

Thankfully international law exists to help protect our individual privacy. Our financial institution customers thus have a duty of care […]

NavOne Corporate Secretarial

Corporate statutory forms: three steps forwards and two steps back ?

Progress is being made by governments around the world towards enabling automated filing of corporate secretarial data, but there is still a long way to go.

Automatic Exchange

Automatic Exchange of Information – Tales from the Dark Side

For Wealth Management professionals, the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the OECD Common Reporting Standard (CRS) have […]

Auditing your customer data handling for GDPR compliance

Next Years’ General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation has implications for any organisation that works in the EU, has EU […]

The size of a zettabyte: how big is your data?

The commercial imperative to collect, store and evaluate information Are you familiar with the term zettabyte (ZB)? It might sound […]

Are robots taking over the world?

Robo-advisors are only a threat if you ignore the demand for them Ever more intelligent devices are entering our lives […]

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