Automation, Automation, Automation

It doesn’t matter where you are located. If you have efficient automation in place then you can make the significant time savings that are necessary to enable you to grow.

This project was to automate the daily processing of foreign exchange rates, investment master, investment prices, investment transactions / holdings and cash transactions / balances.

The Customer uses the NavOne Data Adapter, which is a core component of our solution that maps and transforms data to/from NavOne. The beauty of the Data Adapter is its scalability when implementing multiple interfaces of various types, and its ability to handle multiple file formats from/to multiple institutions.

The interfaces were also used as a migration tool, to bring records up to date from the previous six months (some thousands of transactions) thus ensuring a smooth transition to business as usual.

Whilst NavOne is very efficient when manually processing transactions, automation like this can save 80 – 90% human processing time, for relatively little software investment.
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