Decisions, Decisions!

New customer

Build? Buy? And, in any case, who in the financial systems market can we trust?

A multi-location, Swiss legal and fiduciary group has selected NavOne to service its core client relationship and administrative data and provide rock-solid GDPR compliance plus automated CRS reporting.

With straight-forward requirements, the group evaluated a number of systems and even considered building a solution for their needs using an existing solutions partner.

After due consideration though, the group quickly learned that working with Touchstone and its ready-made solution for Client Administration and CRS Reporting from NavOne is, by far, the most cost-effective and risk free approach.

NavOne CRS reporting is achieved on an automated basis by managing and classifying your data as part of your business as usual operations. Therefore, when it comes to your report date, your client CRS data is ready for review, sign off and submission of your XML report(s).

NavOne is the tried, tested and trusted solution for Trust & Fund Administration and Accounting in the Wealth Management systems market. Contact us to find out more.

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